Saturday, November 27, 2010

My sister big day

The second big day that a little girl always dreamed of is finally here for my sister. She is engaged to Domanic, her boyfriend-now-fiancé. I called it second big day as I imagine the wedding itself is going to be her big day. Since I was still sitting for my exam on the engagement day (25th November 2010), I couldn't helped out with any preparation at home. so, the least that I can do for her is to sponsor her hair and makeup for that night. I rushed to the beauty saloon right after I dropped my luggage and took a quick shower at home. By the time we got our makeup and hair done, it was almost 7.30 and the groom-to-be's family would arrive anytime. Despite all the hustle and rush, we got everything done and the engagement ceremony went really well.

Ain't them lovely? My heart melts <3

My house was totally packed that night with relatives and friends from both sides of the family. It was a simple ceremony where families get together to celebrate the new chapter for their life. After the blessing ceremony, parents from both side filled the guests about the family history and then we ate, drank and dance till almost 3 in the morning. It was simple but filled with joy and laughter. 

I'm not good in giving speech but I want to congratulate the couple. You two are made for each other, it's a perfect match. As you both look forward to the day you're wed, may your love be a reminder of the joy that lies ahead. Happy engagement Nano & Jang. May God bless you both always.

Your truly.

There's more pictures in my Facebook. Happy browsing if you're in my friend list. Oh, yes, my sister is younger than me. :p


  1. younger sis? alamak, langkah bendul dah sis d..hihi, bila turn d deh. :) anyway, congrats to ur sis n u tooo.. n fam tooo... :)

  2. hahahha, nyak la..ila seduai mayar ukum langkah bendul..turn ku agi lama tok..mesti bc career lok baru pikir kawin..thanks mer :))