Friday, November 19, 2010

The bag challenge

Hi, Mermer :) Thank you for tagging me about the bag challenge. Like any other girls, I always carry a bag with me, either for classes or shopping. Basically, bags are girl's best friend, aside from diamonds, books, music, movies, clothes, accessories, heels. Oh, we girls sure have lots of best friends.

Since I'm at Sibu now, I'm going to use the bag that I took home with me.

Yes, that's a hand-me-down bag from my mum and I like it.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?
Sorry for the mess, I just reached home.

  1. My K800i phone which I rarely use anymore, my main line is Celcom now.
  2. Aiken hand sanitizer and Disney Eskulin hand sanitizer.
  3. My gastric medication, never knew when gastric might hit me.
  4. Doraemon comic. I need something to read on the flight, so I grabbed Vero's comic.
  5. Christian Dior perfume tester sheet. I was bored at Kuching International Airport, so I browsed the shop there. I definitely love CD Addict perfume and I have a feeling I might get it for my Christmas gift.
  6. My purse. Mom bought it for me.
  7. Celcom broadband and external hard disk. Since I carried my laptop with this bag as well, so I put along the broadband and external hard disk in the bag that day.
  8. Pens bought in Popular. I stopped by Popular on the way home and I bought some pens for my exam. I know, I only have two papers left but the exam spirit is still on.
  9. Guardian sticker redemption collection. I stopped by Guardian too on my way home from airport.
  10. Wrigley double-mint chewing gum. Important for fresh breath purpose.
  11. My lipbalm. I need this all the time. Crack lip ain't attractive.
  12. Vick Vapor Rub. I don't know why I carry this all the time. But it might come in handy some time.
  13. Pendrive. Just in case I need to transfer something.
  14. My apartment key in Kuching.
  15. Sony hands free. To save me from boredom and for entertainment purpose.
  16. Clean & Clear Oil Control Sheet and facial tissue. I can't stand oily face and I need tissue all the times.
Actually I have two other items that not included in the pictures. My SE Vivaz which I used to take the picture and my laptop. So, that's all the stuffs in my bag during my trip home. If I'm at Kuching, I would use another bag and sure the contents will be different but not much.

I'd revealed what's in my bag and now it's your turn. Whoever read this is tagged for the challenge. Happy ransacking your bag. :)

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