Monday, November 29, 2010

DYI with Liese

I started coloring my hair right after I finish matriculation. It was spur-at-the-moment stuff. I was just going to the saloon to send my brother for his haircut and next thing I know, I was wrapped with the hairdresser's apron?? (is that what that thing called?) and I told him to cut my hair into something edgy. And boy, he really did. I had the mushroom hairstyle. I hate it, so I tousled and waxed into messy tomboy hairdo.

I dyed it gold brown or something like that and straightened it when it grew long. That's the end of my boyish hairstyle. But I'm so addicted to hair coloring and I never stopped coloring my hair since then.

Mahogany blonde 

Light brown

Real blonde

Reddish brown

I colored it too much that some of the colors couldn't blend in which made me had different layers of hair color at once.

I tried red too and it couldn't blend in and faded soon after.

I wanted to be a red head again but I don't think the color can blend in with my damaged hair. My friends kept saying my hair look unhealthy with the roots showing and the uneven color. So, I decided to tone it down a little. And I think someone answered my prayer. Now I can get my hair color with a tiny budget and hustle free. Family and friends, let me introduce to you my new best friend, Liese.

Bubble hair color

It is very convenience as it didn't involve the old school hair coloring technique. With Liese, all that you need to do is apply the bubble directly to your dry hair and massage it gently for 30 minutes and voila, you're hair is colored.

My sister volunteered

Just applied the foam and massaged it to form the bubble

She was having to much fun

and created this with my hair

As you can see, I chose dark chocolate and the end result is great. The color blend in well and my unhealthy orange/yellow hair end is gone. It was awesome and cheap if compared to going to the saloon. One bottle of Liese only costs RM37.80. And they have lots of color choice range from ash brown to mocha orange, sweet pink, cassie berry and lots more. 

Feel free to try this one out. I intends to try every color they had and already bought carrie berry, it would be perfect for my Christmas hair. Oh, if you want to see the end result, please refer to my picture in my sister's engagement party. 


  1. what? I bought the liese hair color for only rm29.90!

  2. Really?? Where did you bought it? I just bought another one last week for RM35.80. Now I feel cheated :(