Saturday, August 21, 2010

Siramat Mundog

That's Welcome in Bidayuh. I can't remember when was the last time I staying in during Saturday. There's always plans and activities with friends on Saturday. Because my Final Year Project had drained my energy, so I decided to stay in today. Let's talk about my last Saturday, shall we?

Angie took me, Vero and Bern to her village last Saturday at Padawan. The plan was totally spontaneous. First we were just want to swim at the river at her village but one thing led to another, we ended up at Anah Rais and Borneo Height. Anah Rais is well-known for Bidayuh traditional longhouse. That's where I picked up 'Siramat mundog". I had quite an adventure Saturday, so brave yourself for lots of pictures ahead.

First pit stop: Anah Rais. We were touring the longhouse and watched how the local lived. It was fun and reminded me of my mom longhouse back at Batang Rajang. We even went inside the Headhunter's house where they display the real sculls.

It was raining and the bamboo was slippery.

The hunted heads

The old-school cooking style

The bridge that joined the village. The river below is where people always have their picnic. But of course not right under the bridge. 

 Another part of the Anah Rais

It was raining when we reached Anah Rais but it didn't stopped us from exploring the village and snnapping pictures along the way. The villagers there are nice and friendly too. I guess they used to visitors coming around. On the way back to Angie's grandma house, we stopped at Borneo Highland Resort. Well, at the entrance actually. None of us can afford the tour there since a day trip (actually half day trip) at Borneo Highland Resort cost us RM100 per pax. 

We managed to fool around and scared the guard. Typical us.

Sipping hot Milo and filling our stomach before having our river swimming session

A happy me and excited Vero

The river is amazing. Seriously, I feel like a child missing her childhood when I saw the river. The water temperature was fine even after the rain and it was very deep, especially near the waterfall and the water current was good too, not as strong as the one in Bau. Notice the color of the water in the picture above? The one with the brownish color is the shallow part where the water reached my shoulder and the green part is very deep. 

Cliff diving, superb because the water is very deep

Us in action, channeling our inner child. Hehe

We were very active that day.

Wow, this is a super lengthy post and I'm just talking about my adventure on my Saturday day. When the night fell, we switched the t-shirts and shorts for dresses and heels. Of course, that is another story for another day. :)

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