Friday, August 13, 2010

I fb-ing, tweeting and blogging

Facebook is the social network where I'd wasted most of my time on. This is where I stay in touch and being updated by my friends and family. Yes, guilty as charged, I log in to Facebook everyday. But I play by one rule when it comes to my Facebook. I do not accept friend request from strangers. I have my Facebook not to make friend, I have it to keep in touch with friends, there's a difference. Do not bother to add me if you don't know me / never meet me / never talk to me. But if you're a friend/ sister/ brother / girlfriend / boyfriend of a friend, I'll consider you. If you're none of the above, let's stay free from each other account, ok? I made my account private for a reason.

I tweet to rant about stuff in my life. Let it be a small stuff like I broke my headband or the weather is too hot, Twitter is where this stuff will ending up. I welcome followers but only for those valid twitterers. Once I had a bunch of followers with extra weird names such as Sex09 bla bla bla and their tweets are dirty filthy. I had to remove those followers and keep my tweets private. So, let's tweet to make ourselves feel better. This where you are welcome to rant and rant about anything without having to worry about response from others.

I started blogging a year and a half ago. It's for the pleasure of myself because I found it comforting to write down how I feel. Blogspot is where I become personal because this is where I poured my heart out. I do not set my blog in private because I welcome readers but let's stay low profile, shall we, readers? What in the blog stays in the blog, that's how I rule. 

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. :)

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