Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love, Suzi

Dear FYP,

You're the worst gift ever. You have been keeping me wide awake for the past few days and I look like crap now. I've tried to figure you out but it's not an easy task, I followed the guideline, still everything is quite a blur. After several drafts and drowning myself in education books and journals, finally I'd submitted you to my supervisor, co-supervisor and coordinator. Be good and let them like you, ok? You're smart in torturing me, submitting you is just one quarter of completing the whole process. We still have an important date next Wednesday which I don't look forward to at all.

Trying to love you but fail, Suzi.

Dear hair,

Sorry I'd been neglected you this few weeks. I know some comments from my friends are hurting your feeling. Well, at least that what I thought when you went all wild and frizzy this few days. Please bear with me, ok? I'll book us a treatment session soon. Or I'll give you a new color if that makes you happy.

Always love you, Suzi.

Dear face,

I know you are rebelling against me by popping those pimples. Sorry for the dark circles, it's not my intention to torture you. I tried my best to give you enough rest but to no avail. What's with the dull and pale complexion you gave me? My friend thought I'm sick. Even the smile seems so fake lately. Please be by my side and shine, will you?

Love you the most, Suzi.

Dear laundry,

I know you are glaring at me angrily every time I piled my clothes on you. Don't blame me please. FYP been driving me crazy lately and I don't have time to do you. Blame the water supply as well, he been throwing tantrums and rebelling by messing the supply. I promise I still couldn't find time you this week, I'll let you have a blast at the laundry shop, deal?

Love, Suzi

Dear study,

Sorry I'd completely ignore you. I know I'll regret that later but I can't help it, FYP been stealing all my time with you. But don't you worry, I'm all yours after my date with FYP next week. I'll catch up with you soon, just don't be so hard on me, please.

Love you but sometimes I hate you, Suzi.

Dear home,

OMG OMG, we'll meet in about two weeks. Do you know how long have I waited for this? This 3 months away from you is a torture. I can't wait to reunite with you, to immerse myself in the comfort of you. 2 weeks, 14 days, I start counting down the days now.

Miss you the most, Suzi.