Thursday, August 5, 2010

One year checkpoint

It becomes my routine to talk to you almost everyday. We shared everything, from our annoyance of the white head leader to our favorite shirts.The connection that we have, it's amazing. We don't have to see each other everyday to know that we will always be there for each other. This beautiful friendship started from a simple comment. Somehow along the way, I'm falling for you. 

At first, I tried to convince myself what I feel for you is just a temporary crush. The more I denied it, the stronger the feeling had become. I'm afraid that I'm too clingy now. Anything that happened to me, the first thought I have is to tell you about it. But most of the time, I lost my courage and kept those to myself instead. 

I will never forget how you always made me feel better when I'm falling into the bottom pit. The late night study date that we had, I have to thank you for that. No doubt my pointer is getting better. You always have a way to chase away my homesickness. Bottom line, you made me open up to you. It's annoy me actually, it made me feel fragile and vulnerable.

Hey mister, have you realized that it had been a year now? More than 365 days had passed and yet you still give me butterflies in the stomach, you still made me blushing red, you still melt me with your smile. But one question is my head stays still. We are not an item but we are definitely more than just friend. So, what are we actually?  

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