Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All is well

I realized I had been enjoying myself too much lately. Every Saturday I always ended up either on the beach or my friends village for a little getaway. Every plans came spontaneously  and  being the outgoing person, I couldn't say no. Well, who would say no to fun activities anyway? It's already been 2 months into my new semester and frankly, I still haven't doing any serious study and revision yet. Now where's my study enthusiasm had gone?

I really need to get myself back on the study track. Before this semester started, I promised myself that I will get a 3.0 GPA for this semester. I had done good last semester but I failed to achieve my 3 pointer target. Count me as kia su, I always had the feel that I need to catch up with other's grade. I've always been like this since primary school. Things are easy back then since I'm still the naive little child. But now, with the temptations out there, I find it hard to stay driven and focus. Now I miss my parents and their little nagging. When I was a school student, I have them behind my back to keep me right on track.

I'm practically an adult now and my parents are counting on me to take care of myself. No matter how hard the road ahead, I need to be strong to keep going. Once in awhile, I need to take a step back and be reminded of my goals in life. I count myself lucky as I still be able to keep my feet in the ground. To be honest, I have no idea what the future holds for me. Heck, I don't even have a single idea about my career. I learned to be contented with what I had now, still I need to start planning ahead for my future. Everything is a blur but I'm positive I'll have it figure out soon. So, I guess it's time to switch on my nerd mode.One thing for sure, the outgoing-fun-spontaneous-live life to the fullest me will always be there. After all, live life to the fullest is the motto that I live by.

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