Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When we slipped into dresses and heels

I put an abrupt stop at my post about my Saturday because I think the post is too lengthy and my connection is unreliable. Now let's move on where we left it last time, shall we?

Remember when I said we switch the shirts and shorts for dresses and heels when the night fall? It's because my friend Bernadette had just turned 21 that week and a 21 years old deserves a celebration. We drove home from Angie's village at about 8.30 at night and transformed ourselves into a lady. Hints: makeup, heels, dress.

Free drinks and snap snap :)

The excited Bern

With the birthday girl

The chocolate cake 

Bern, me, Angie and Vero
Obviously who took this picture is not a natural cam whorer.

Tipsy? Hehe, who gets tipsy after 4 rounds of Whiskey Coke? Not us.

We didn't stayed long though obviously because the free flow of Whiskey Coke ended when the clock strike 12 midnight. A little like Cinderella story, eh? So yeah, this is the another part of our story. I finished my presentation today and it was ok. Overall, I did my best to deliver my research and tried my best to answer my lecturers question. The feeling right after I said my Thank You and finished my presentation was a total relief. It felt like a great burden had been lifted off my shoulder, I kid you not. So now, I will focus on my midterms before packing for my mid semester holiday. Hello Sibu, Bintulu and probably Miri!  

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