Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When I Volunteer, I Volunteer with the Japanese

Let's the picture talks, shall we?

Rise and shine

Camwhoring is a MUST

Jonathan and his demonstration

Jonathan had helped me before when I was surveying Sampadi Forest Reserve in Lundu for my Final Year Project few months back. Speaking of FYP, I haven't start mine yet. What to do? My supervisor told me he might change my research area, that's one good reason not to start doing my draft now. I know, lame excuse but whatever.

Has anyone been this exciting to plant a tree? I know I had.

Cool eh? Made it to history.

Bidayuh dance

Four wheel drive. First time.

The tour guide, on the way to Semenggoh Wildlife

Can you spot the Orang Utan? She's hanging on the tree

They watched Orang utans, I watched them

Overall, the trip was fun. It felt great to be able to give something back to the nature and be a tourist at your own place. The Japanese are very friendly and humble. One advice tho, you might want to keep some distance when talking to them. (Their saliva splashing like a heavy rain).

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