Friday, July 9, 2010

Industrial Training

In the midst if writing my report, I couldn't help but secretly wish that I'd started this report earlier. I was given more than a week to finish up my work. But me being myself, I'd waited till the very last moment to write the report. Same old me with the growing procrastination. In the end, I had to push forward the dateline. This attitude got to go when the new semester starts. This semester I am not writing down any resolutions as I know myself well enough that I won't keep up with any of it. Just a promise to struggle harder will I stick to the back of my mind.

Well, with the report almost finish, my practical has finally comes to its end. Words will not be enough for me to describe what had I learnt in this two months time. Reading about the work is totally differ than actually doing it, experience it. Working in the government sector might not be so bad at all, but I never work in the private sector, so no comparison can be done. What I learnt during this training is not just the working aspect, I learnt how to get along with my colleagues whom our age differences is like father and daughter. Now I have no problem to strike up a conversation with the old generation. Sometime I even found myself amused listening to them sharing their life experience. Some even introduced me to their family or precisely, son. Went to the field myself to interview the people whom are involved with the department projects giving me the first hand experience about their life. And the best part for me is I get to explore new places. Asajaya, Simunjan, Sebuyau, Sadong Jaya and Serian, I had been there quite a few times. And knowing me, I still get excited every time I go to any new places. Perhaps the only downside of this training is we didn't get any allowance. It will be nice to actually get paid, at least I will appreciate the moolah more since I earn it myself.

The experience and knowledge I get in this two months time.

I had a sense of New Zealand here, and I look fat too. FML

Oil palm estate

The oil palm

Sampan ride to get to Asajaya since ferry was not working

At the goat farm

Trying to make the Rempeyek. Nah, I was just posing.

Lunch with the local

Visiting the fish pond

Catching my dinner

Up in the hill with vegetables

Veggies paradise, eh?

P/S: I joined the Japanese Malaysian Association for their tree planting in Gunung Apeng, Serian yesterday. Very fun indeed to give back to the nature, will blog about it soon.

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