Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New House

The excitement of moving to a new house died soon after my eyes caught the sight of my stuffs. I used to love packing, the thrill of knowing you're going to a new place or any place excites me. But moving twice in two months is super tiring. And this time I'm moving to a completely empty house. No furniture at all. So, I had to add furniture shopping to my to-do-list. It's exhausting too, surveying the furniture shops around town looking for the cheap bargains. If only money grows on tree, I'll be ticking everything in the furniture catalog.

Here's the scoop of my new house with just a piece of mattress, a 3 tiered shelf and a cheap dining table which I turned into my study table. I haven't finish unpacking yet, am too lazy actually. 

Half of my stuffs in the living room.

A tired Steph resting in the living room.

The front door with the office-like curtain.

The super small kitchen.

My empty bedroom

The window side

So, that's pretty much how my new house looks like. Except now I already change the curtain and unpack some stuffs. One thing I love about my new room is the space. This one is almost twice the size of my old room in Allamanda. So, boo Allamanda for kicking me. Screw you with the lousy facilities.

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