Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Saturday I went on a picnic trip with my classmates. The original plan was to go to Matang Wildlife Center but once we reached there, we were told that the picnic site was closed for renovation. Boo! So, we switch the venue to Matang Family Park.

Us loading our food.

All smile setting up our table

The waterfall site there is beautiful and the water is so bloody cold because it is the water running from the hill. With the big rocks around and the shady trees, the scene is spectacular. Since it is a waterfall and surrounded by most big rocks, we couldn't really swim around. The water was shallow and I couldn't move much without bumping into rocks. But I enjoyed lying on the rock to interfere with the running water and made it splash to my back like a back massage. The greater we blocked the water, the stronger the current.

Part of the waterfall

This picture didn't do justice to the water because this is the nearest part to our barbecue pit. We actually explored the waterfall to a very far end but sadly none of us brought our cameras along. I mean who would actually tag along their camera while water-walking? Besides, we were too busy having fun. The taller part of the waterfall was great. Unlike the one in Kubah, this one has curvy rocks around it and enable us to 'wall-climbing' against the strong current just to sit at the top part and let the water splashed to against our body. I have to say, it was dangerous especially during the strong current. 

Vero with her Heineken, me, Steph and Bern

Ermm..me showing my pink slipper and Steph with her green slipper.

We were busy playing with water while others were preparing lunch

The boys and the chicken wings

And the girls gossiping

It's munching time.

Happy and contented, ready to leave

Group picture for the day.

All in all, it was a fun gathering with the coursemates. I think these pictures didn't do justice for Matang Family Park, I love their running waterfall. You bet I'll come again next time. 

Marie is flying to Kuching this Friday. I haven't seen her in ages. Can't wait to rock Kuching town with you babe! Regatta in Kuching is happening this week too, my munyit Steph will represent Unimas. Do bring back trophy for us ya. 

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