Monday, July 26, 2010

Should we or should we not?

Here the question, should the girl make the first move or should they wait? When asked, my friends and I came out with different point of views and thoughts. Some said we should, some said we shouldn't.  In the 80's, women have left with no choice but to take whatever coming their way, whether they like it or not. Now, we are a decade over the millennium era, women nowadays stand on the same level with the men, or some even a level higher than the men. What men can do, now the women can do it as well, even better perhaps? (I'm not trying to put the men down here, just stating the obvious).

But when it comes to relationship, we women still stand on an uncertain ground. We spotted a decent guy, exchanged few glances; smiled a little and that how the friendship started. After a few exchanged messages later, we get to know each other more and hang out casually. As time grows, we found ourselves smile and blush at the thought of him and when we realized it, we already fell into the love pit with them. Surely, we know that we were not alone because the guy had somehow showed a hell lot of interest in us. The up till the late night messages, flirty statements, been there for us through everything, somehow that got to mean something, isn’t it?

We sure are more than just best friend with him but we are not an item either. The only next step is for the guy to take thing to the next level, to clarify the relationship. But he moves in a snail pace, leaving us wondering what are we to them. So, where that left us, the women?

Should we women risk the beautiful uncertain relationship with him by making the first move? Or should we just wait and wait and wait? Bottom line, it’s all up to the individual. I think we women deserve to have our happiness, so what’s wrong if we chase it down a little. A little give and take wouldn’t hurt; you have nothing to lose as long as you play it right.

I’d been down both roads. I made the first move before and he (which is now is an ex) kept the pace up with me. But my mistake, I took thing too fast, ignoring the brain and blindly followed the heart. The relationship for sure didn’t last long. Learning from my mistake, I took my time and wait now. So far so good, I must say.

So friends, do not be scare to take the first move, bit by bit if you heart is telling you that he might be the One but use your brain too, to wait a while for him to come around. Because the one whom willingly to get to know you more, hold your hand through the hard time, curve the smile on your face and make you his world will worth all the chase and the wait.

P/S: This post has nothing to do with anyone or anything. I wrote this for the pleasure of my own, just something that came across my mind a while ago.

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