Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Day

It is just the first week of my semester and I'm already mentally and physically drained. The clash timetable has finally been settled. I seriously hope nobody will fuck up with my timetable anymore. Tolerance is no longer in my dictionary when it comes to this matter. I'd tolerated others for 4 semesters and I'd enough. 

I posted a status on my Facebook last night. "I know I had fallen deep. Crying is definitely a clear sign" I appreciated friends whom concern about me but actually there's more story behind all that. It wasn't the prank that got me. It is the fact that I had definitely falling for him. I thought I have control over my feeling but obviously I don't. It's growing bad. And the uncertainty kills me. We're doing good now and I afraid fate will burst my happy bubble. You know, it's like when you thought everything is okay, then suddenly something gone wrong and you're done.

Like usual, he managed to curve a smile on my face and made me blushing red last night. I bumped into him at the cinema and we talked for awhile . That's definitely a good sign. The smile on his face, it melts my heart. He seemed as excited as I was.

I need more sleep. Trust me, I felt so tired these few days driving others around. The stiff shoulder is getting unbearable each day. First thing first, I need to cut down my social outings with friends. My body demands a good sleep and it need to relax even if my mind don't. I need to shut myself from the world outside and give my body the rejuvenation that it's deserved. I going to have a me time this weekend. Just laying around, reading some books, watching some movies at home.


  1. Awww everything will be fine *hugs* and doll, i feel bad for this two weeks i'd been a burden to u. if only i can make its easier for u but i cant. dammit, i need to go back uni this weekend. one more delivery for me ok? :P maybe that will help u a bit. u know i love u :)

  2. sweet..i'm glad everything is falling into places now. Don't feel bad sweetie, this makes me smile..thanks..sure I will deliver you back safely. Love you too :))