Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out and About

Everything is moving in a slow pace right now. Classes are okay, my schedule is settled and everything in between still in a little mess. It's same old same old, in a weird way. I had been out and about last week. Since most of my classes are still not officially started yet, I took this time to enjoy myself. Dinners, movies, beach trip, you named it, I'd done it.

Last Friday I had a bad day. The indifference that the staffs at the Faculty of Economic regarding my procedure to change my elective class to another slot had driven me up the wall. At some point, I almost cursed right at their faces. But, it was another story for my Friday night. An impromptu dinner invite from my friends turned into the most satisfying dinner. Live band and seafood dinner, I got more than I'd bargained for.

The band. Can't really see them but if you can spot the red shirt and the grey shirt, it's them.
The oldies song that they played made me fall in love all over again.
The venue is Barouk's Village. I had been dining there quite a few times and for sure I'll come again next time.

Fish, prawn, crabs, squids, I had it all that night.

The company.

The next day, I tagged along with them to Damai Puri Beach Resort for their junior orientation. Knowing me, I'm not there for the orientation, I was there for fun. Yup, when they were busy listening to some talk from the lecturer, Angie and I wandered off the shore and exploring the beach. Since none of us were in the mood to soak ourselves with the salt water, we were just strolling along the beach and dipping our feet in the cold water running from the hill in the nearby jungle instead of the salt water.

Beach is always my favorite

The sunbathing couple. I want a bikini.

My partner in crime, Angie.

Yours truly

There are more pictures of us, hiking the big stone near the jungle but I'm still waiting for my friend to pass me some of the pictures.

P/S: I'm looking forward for a picnic this weekend.

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