Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One by One

Okay, demo Taekwondo is successfully over.

 Can you spot me?

My proposal is officially finish.

Just a few editing need to be done.

My proposal presentation is over too.

I'm damn nervous and talked real fast. 
I hope they understand what I said despite their convincing nodded head.

What's next?
  1. 3rd April - Final Year Project site visit ( Sampadi, Lundu)
  2. 5th April - Taekwondo upgrading 
  3. 9th April -11th April - Field trip ( Lundu again) (Originally, I was supposed to hop on a flight to KL on this date)
  4. 12th April - Going back home for study week

* Taekwondo picture is the courtesy of Stroyan, taken by Benny.
* The presentation picture, I stole it from Vero's blog.