Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's weekend!!!!

Finally a day for me to sleep in. Waking up without the "Nothing Else Eh Eh" is a total bliss, and just laze around on the bed reading my magazine in the morning is amazing. But I can't really enjoy my weekend to the fullest, in fact I probably glue to my desk as I have proposal to write and lab reports to finish. What a waste to my weekend. To make up for it, I had started my weekend early, hehe..My friends and I went to catch Alice In The Wonderland on Thursday. The movie was not as I expect it to be. It just good good, you know, not amazing-good-that-I-had-waited-for-this-movie-for-so-long. Johnny Depp is amazing as Hatter but the rest of the movie is just plain. This kind of disappointment happened before in New Moon. Often my long anticipated movie turned out to be just so-so. But the crews especially the buffed wolf pack really did made up for that tho. Now, I'm starting to hate movie trailer, it really did spoil the fun for me.

Last night impromptu supper was great. I had great laugh with my friend as we drained our glass of beer. Honestly, we really laughed a lot and believe me, our imagination level is not your ordinary imagination level. We can really think of something totally out of the box. Well, that's us, unique and amazing.

Now my hope to shop around in Bukit Bintang is really crushed. Before this, I did have my Taekwondo event that clash with my vacation date. But God answered my prayer and the event postponed to next semester. I was totally relief until yesterday when my lecturer announced the confirm date for our field trip. This trip is compulsory as it is part of the assessment, so now I have to wave goodbye to my ticket. No Bukit Bintang, no Sunway Lagoon this year. My dad said it's okay but I had planned this vacation since last year. Remind me again next time to not plan something way ahead. Something always managed to spoil my plan. Spontaneous is way better. Next time I'll just grab my bag and hop in the car and go somewhere near.

P/S: The once a****** finally agreed to sign my sticker application. Yippie!! Bless you Mr. hahaha..

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