Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Week Of March

  • 2 midterm was done. I was suck but I had done my best. Last minute + procrastination = my fault.
  • Assignments piling up, some was done, some was halfway and some was untouched.
  • Inter-faculty games. I joined netball and futsal. 5 years and now I'm back to the court. I miss the moments damn much. Futsal? Fun and fun. First trial actually.
  • Injured from the netball match, swollen toe and nail. Just minor case, I have the painkiller but ain't taking it.
  • Grace's birthday surprise, good job well done. We make it and she loves it. Hehe..
  • Unstable hormone problem is solved.
  • Car mileage had reached the service point. I hate car maintenance.
  • We finally talked. Real life conversation. Love it. : )
  • Industrial training accepted. No longer jobless.
  • Bowling and dinner and ice-breaking. Super fun way to start the weekend.
  • The past is revealed and a friend finally know the truth. 3 years is not that long actually.
  • Saturday: Staying in and catching up on my sleep.

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