Friday, January 1, 2016

The ups and downs of 2015

Okay, I'm just gonna be cliche all the way. Time really did flew by just like that for 2015 and now we are close to the last day of 2015. *gasp* Everything happened so fast and went in a blur for me. Not sure if it is my selective memory or I'm just growing old, I don't really remember much about this year except for a few highlights of my 2015.

Also there are so much drama going on in my personal life for the past months that I kinda feeling numb about. Don't get me wrong, my 2015 is great in overall but as time pass, people change. Some for the better and some for the worst. I made  mistakes and I learnt from it, people around me made mistakes and I learnt from that too.

The up of my 2015

1) Travelling to new places

Hong Kong which I have not update yet

2) Travel solo 
I think this is the best highlight of my 2015. It was a spur of the moment decision to proceed booking my flight to Bali. The initial plan was to go with the bf but we got into fight and I went ahead with my travel plan without him. The best decision ever!

3) Learn to surf

This happened when I was in Bali. I was reluctant at first when I got up that morning but I'm glad I went ahead even when I was running really low in Rupiah. That feeling when you surf along the wave, it was amazing and I cannot wait to do this again.

4) Baking

I feel so happy to finally able to bake something edible now

5) Grow as a person
I used to be a very sensitive person and care so much about what other people think and perceive of me. I get angry and offended easily but I didn't show it. I kept everything to myself. I always like to compare my life with others around me which is really not healthy. I thought if I have more than what others have I will be happier but I was wrong. Now that I have finally understand the concept of gratitude, I have found my happiness from within. I do not compare anymore instead I focus on being the best version of myself. The most important lesson that I've learnt this year is to let go and be independent. 

The down of 2015

1) The betrayal
Something happened in my personal life that I never talked about in public. It is not something new but it still hurt nonetheless. However through series of unfortunate events, I slowly lost the hurt and betrayal. Maybe along the way, I learnt to care less or maybe something are not as important as it was before.But one thing for sure, now I'm putting myself as priority. My happiness matters to me. 

2) The family drama
This one really came unexpected. Never in my life I would think that I will encounter this problem. Whatever happened has happened, so I could only learnt from it. Money is a very powerful tool but I'm not gonna based my happiness on it. Also I realized that the only person that I can count on is only myself. The satisfaction of getting something without the help is amazing and I will continue to rely on just myself instead of accepting the help being handed to me because this is a realistic world. Cruel? Yes but it is inevitable.

For 2016 I have no specific resolution except for being the best version of myself. I'm really excited for the clean slate because this is what I need after all the downs in 2015. So in 2016 I want to blog more, bake more, save more, workout more. All in all, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and achieve more because I know I can do it.

For those of you whom still read my blog till now, thank you. I wish you have a great year of 2016.

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