Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Disneyland Hongkong Part 1

My most anticipated part of my Hongkong trip was Disneyland. I have been dreaming about going to the happiest place on Earth since long time ago. I even make it a point to visit all the Disneyland in the world, a girl can always dream, right?

Not sure whether it was me ageing or just tired from all the walking on our first full day in Hongkong, my spirit for Disneyland was not as high as I thought it would when we went on the second day in Hongkong.
I mean, the bf had witnessed my squealing way too often about Disneyland before we went on the trip. But now that we were there, I was like "my legs hurt, I just want to sit and do nothing"

Still insists on wearing boots just because it matched my outfit even when my legs and feet were in agony. Yeah, I'm annoying like that.

The  mandatory photo in front of the entrance

It was too crowded to find a spot without photobomb

This is where we got our entrance tickets. just scanned the QR code that we booked from our agent, very easy and fuss free.

The rest of us plus photobombers at the back

In the Main Street of USA

The only street entertainer that I saw that day

It definitely felt like the Christmas that I always dreamed about when I was there.
Christmas deco and cold weather, very Christmassy for me

Disney famous castle

We wanted to try this ride but gave up because the queue was insane. Lucky we skipped because Hoe told me it was boring.

Not sure if we were spending too much time queuing up for rides and shows, we didn't spot much mascots around. Which kinda sucks because I wanted some pictures with them. Oh well, next time perhaps.

Donald Duck's show time

That orange U thingy is actually a ride which is super scary in my opinion.

The only mascot I spotted. Hello Lotso!

This is how the ride looks like and it really goes all the way up.

Ice cream in winter because why not

This is only part 1 of my Hongkong Disneyland post because we took so much photos and we stayed till the magical firework which is worth it. So stay tune till next post.

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