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2015 in rewind

I wrote my 2015 in rewind in my Dayre, so I figure I should paste it here too to immortalize it on my own blog. Writing this post is really fun to me because I can look back at what my life is all about through photos taken in my phone. I've edited and adding more photos here because I forgot to add in my Dayre.


January is my birthday month. As I grew up, my birthday celebration is getting simple. I used to have birthday week when I was a student where I celebrated my birthday throughout the week and I think I ate around 3 or 4 cakes.

Welcoming 2015 with dinner with my girlfriends. We also had another dinner for hoe and I my birthday.
Looking back at my camera roll for January and I realized the majority of the photos are food wtf. So that concludes that I ate out a lot in January.

February is another month filled with birthday. It is my brother and little sister's birthday month. Also one of the few times that all of us are available for family dinner. My brother and little sister now are away for uni.

3rd Chinese New Year together with the bf. And in less than 45 days, we will have our 4th Chinese New Year together.
Valentine's Day doesn't mean much to us because we do not celebrate V day. No specific reason but the bf is not the romantic kind so I'm slowly getting used to it. Past 2 years we been fighting a lot about this but now I'm just like nah, I don't care either.


Scrolling my camera roll I saw that I started to be active in kitchen. My interest in cooking somehow sky rocketed this month that I decided to cook birthday dinner for my mom.
This is the month that I've spent hours online researching recipes and watching cooking show. Don't know why so suddenly got the domestic spirit in me but I'm happy that it happened because now I can prepare a proper meal. Mind you, I once burnt a pot when cooking and I have melted chopstick too when cooking maggie mee at the bf's house. Lucky nobody saw that and I quickly threw the chopstick away. 

I also went to Cambodia and visited Phnom Penh and Siam Reap. Visiting Angkor Wat is definitely the highlight of my trip. Although it was tiring (try walking under 35 degree hot sun for the whole day) Angkor Wat really wowed me. The history of Khmer Rouge and genocide in Cambodia open my eyes about the world. These are the stuff that you never learn at school. This is why I love travelling. Hopefully I can explore more places in year to come.

I'm also stepping out of my comfort zone by going on this Cambodia trip because I went with a bunch of strangers. Actually it's my best friend uni mates. I decided to join her with her friends for the holiday despite never meeting them. They say the people that you travel with can either make or break your trip.

And they definitely made my trip. Hehe


April is the month where I really learn to be independent. Of course the highlight of this month is my solo trip to Bali.

Everyone was worried about me going to another country on my own but I feel nonchalant about it, I was very excited instead. I myself know that I had done enough research and been very very careful throughout the trip. Praise God because everything went well on my trip alone.

Of course there are some hiccups during the trip like I got followed by a very persistent motorbike driver (I got really annoyed and yelled at him to leave me alone and he did) and got scammed by leech like vendors at Kuta beach whom literally forced me to buy their stuff.


This month I started to try juicing and been doing it dilligently for the whole month.

I tried juice detox but failed because I couldn't stand the hunger la.
In this month, my bf got into road accident but thankfully he escaped with only scratch knee. Another accident happened to my cousin too. He's fine but our car is wrecked and still under repair in workshop till to date.

This is the month that I took lots of selfies, no kidding, when I scrolled through June camera roll, almost 70% are my selfies. With great hair too.

I tried went back to cardio and yoga class because I wanted to be toned and healthy again but sadly the determination didn't last long.

Had a colorful nightlife this month because my bestie was back to town.


Nothing special happened in July. Work and life went on as usual.

Oh yeah, my nightlife still pretty busy. Birthdays and dinners with new friends whom I still keep in touch with now.

Also went on lots of dates with the bf to check out new cafes in town.

I also started to properly learn baking. My first attempt still not quite there yet but I have improved a lot now if I may say so myself. 😎


Went on team building programme and did Leap of Faith which is the highlight of the programme for me. I'm not a fan of height, my knees got weak but I went ahead anyway. Quite proud of myself hahaha

I was on a roll with eating clean this month. I'm determined to kick start eating clean again now.
This is also a hard time for me. I got into big fight with my father. It was a very serious matter and I was very upset at him for jeopardizing our family future. I remembered we spent the rest of the month not talking to each other. I was really angry at my parents and quite depressed this month. I was forced to let go of my car too.

I went cafe hopping again with sisters a lot this month because my little sister went to uni in September, so we want to spend as much time as possible.


My sister got married in September. Feels so nice to reunite with my cousins which I just spent Christmas with.

My baking passion is growing strong too this month. I channelled my negative energy into baking and slowly getting better.

I found another new hobby this month which is gardening. I wrote about my gardening adventure in Dayre under #dayrebotany.

I wrote about my gardening experience here.

I continued to bake a lot. Looking back at the photo makes me want to bake again. Maybe tomorrow I'll bake lemon cupcakes.


I cut my hair short this month. I can see that I was slowly getting better emotional wise. I started to talk to my parents again.

I bought my new car which is the best decision I'd made. I no longer have to ask for ride whenever I went out. Actually one of the reason I baked a lot last few months is because I been cooped up at home. Now that I have my car, I bake less and less now.


Kick start my December with a week long vacation in Hongkong where I experienced my first winter.

Fulfilling my dream to go to Disneyland.

Drove long distance for the first time too. Wah looking back at my year I feel like I have lot of achievements this year. Quite proud of myself.

My sister and I drove all the way to Miri to spend Christmas with my cousin.

I'm not one of the mushy kind but I want to pen down my feeling for 2015. I feel like this is the year that I have grown the most. I have fallen into the dark times but somehow I managed to stand up again. When picking myself up throughout the year, I've learnt that people change and it is nobody fault. Every choice that you make, you have to pay for the consequences.
So now I know what is important to me, what makes me happy and what I want my life to be. I'll be striving to be the best version of myself. Cheers to 2016, I'm ready for you.

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