Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas 2015

Just realized that I have not written about my Christmas for 2015 yet. I did updated my Dayre but not on this space yet. So here we go.

My sister and I wanted to go away for the Christmas. Our initial plan was Kuching but cancelled last minute and we decided to drive to Miri and spend the Christmas with my aunt and her family at Brunei instead.

First time driving long journey on my own - checked!

The 6 hours drive was fun because we talked so much. We literally talked for the whole 6 hours about everything. We got lost a little bit at Bintulu when trying to figure out which way is the coastal road to Miri and ended up using the old road. We got lost again when we reached Miri because Waze directed us to the empty old airport runway wtf.

Sneaked out for breakfast at Jackfruit with my aunt while the rest still sleeping

On the actual Christmas day, we prepared some food for buffet like usual.

Grilled chicken salad with no dressing which surprisingly tasted so good

Very simple spread. We had grilled lamb, lettuce to wrap the lamb, mixed veggies, chicken curry and grilled chicken wing done by air fryer. I really want an Air Fryer because it is the magic. You can make any grilled/fried food without even using the oil. So much healthier but still taste as good as the real deal.

Red wine to go with the lamb

Mangoes for dessert. I think I had half of the serving but the mangoes really taste so good. I bought some to bring back home but it was not fully ripe so it did not taste as good.

With my loves

We finished the day by watching Alvin and The Chipmunk 3 at the cinema. Tutong, the town that my aunt stays in has definitely improved a lot. Last time I was there when I was just 13, they have no cinema.

Early dinner at Excapade Sushi, Kelly is still trying to learn to use her chopstick

Shared this ramen with my sister, the broth was good

And my favorite, salmon wrapped asparagus. It did not taste as good as it was before sadly.

Stopped by supermarket to pick up some ingredients because we decided to make curry puff out of the blue. Googled the recipe and quickly grabbed the ingredients because it was past 8 and we wanted to make it that night. My sister and I were leaving early in the next day.

Ingredients for curry puff is simple. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, curry powder, minced meat, onions and wheat flour. But the process of making the puff is very tiring, I kid you not. My arm and wrist were numb the next day from all the rolling.

So much effort for making such a simple curry puff. We spent 3 hours on it, so not worth all the time and energy spent. I think I'll rather buy next time than doing my own.

We had emoji playdoh challenge too. Be the judge and let us know what emojis were we doing and which row is the best.

We also filmed some videos doing challenge and a little vlog but my Window Media Maker is not working and I did tried editing with IMovie but I think I need more time and tutorial. But at least I still have those great memory in my SD card. 

My Christmas was simple and spent with my loved ones. It is exactly what Christmas is all about for me. A little trip to see the loved one and spend time bonding. My Hong Kong food post is coming up next. I already spent 2 weeks on it because it is so long since we had so much food. 

Stay tune for that one. See you soon!

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