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Food in Hong Kong


This is a very long post on what we had in Hong Kong and took me more than a month to compile. I try to insert links for the food outlets available online so that you can read other reviews as mine might not as comprehensive as others. So enjoy the post!


The first thing on our list after we book our flight to Hongkong is to do research on the must-have food. The research was not hard at all because most of the blogs that I frequented recommended tons and tons of food to try. Majority of our itinerary is consisted of food. 

Landed at night because our flight delayed for 2 hours.

Tired, hungry and cold. We went for dinner at a random shop nearby our hotel.

We stayed at Just Inn Hotel located at You Ma Tei station. I really love the hotel albeit it is quite small. The bed and duvet are amazing. It was a stark contrast to our Airbnb apartment at Jordan that we moved to after the forth day. 

Dinner was settled at this random restaurant in our neighborhood

The eating culture in Hongkong is very different from here or at least that was what we experienced. The patrons have to decide what they want as soon as menu is thrown to you, the waitress will snap at you if you take longer to decide. Food comes really fast and you are expected to finish it fast too and leave to make room for other patrons, there certainly is not chit-chating after finishing your meal. 2 guys were literally chased out by the waitress to make room for us that night.

Not many photos of the food because we were starving. however this ox tongue rice below stole the limelight of the night.

We're not quite a fan of it but my travel companion loved it. My friend even commented that it is gross because you're literally french kissing with the ox and swallow his tongue wtf

Breakfast on our first full day was settled at Tsui Wah. Initially we wanted to go to Australia Dairy Company but it was closed ( Do take note that ADC closes every Thursday). We have a Tsui Wah just around the block of our hotel but we took MTR to Jordan for Australia Dairy Company. Actually there are abundant of Tsui Wah branches in HK, so every corner you take, you probably will see one.

This is their famous bun

Food wise it is a standard breakfast in Hong Kong. Maybe it is just me but after a few bites of their scrambled egg, I felt a bit jelak. And I don't like my macaroni in a soup form. So if you do too, you can skip the usual breakfast combo and go for something else like Crispy Bun (pic above) or Sizzling King Prawn with Fried Noddle (pic above too). Prawn in HK has very funny texture, it feel rubbery but juicy.

This food post is not in chronological order because my photos are all mixed up and I couldn't care less to check the date. 

This is a highly recommend dim sum place in Hong Kong. I forgot which branch we went to but we had hard time finding it since it is located in a mall. Although the mall was closed but the restaurant was packed with patrons, mostly are senior citizens having breakfast with their friends.

We over-ordered our food but their siew mai is amazing. They really not skimping on the ingredients which is what I love about 稻香超級漁港. My favorite dish are the chicken feet and siew mai. Since it is quite an atas restaurant, so be prepared to fork out more for the bill. Food in Hong Kong in general is quite expensive, I think we spent more than half of our budget for food.

Mongkok Street Food

Another must try food in HK is their street food. There are some famous one like 肥姐小食店 . We looked for no specific stall except for Fei Jie and basically just walked and ate whatever we want. 

Squid balls

Curry fishballs

Innards from Fei Jie. The line was insanely long but it moved very quickly. I was expecting the innards to be hot but it was cold. So this is a bit meh for me.

Smelly tofu which I didn't try at all

一品雞煲 Hot Pot

The first time we went to this place we didn't eat there because the waiting time was too long. The next day we went again around midnight and waited around 15 minutes for table. We ordered the basic whole chicken pot (sorry I forgot the name).

It is basically a whole chicken marinated in sweet sauce which was so awesome. Paired it with hot steaming rice and it is the perfect dinner. The four of us finished the whole thing and actually craving for more. But please be warn that the cashier was a bit rude. Actually everyone in food industry in Hong Kong is rude.

Call us fatty but the best meal that we had in Hong Kong is this greasy, drenched in fat roasted meat from Joy Hing Roasted Meat Shop. This shop is on top of our list and high recommended online.

The service was surprisingly fast and we didn't need to wait long for table

Sins in my belly but it was so good

Perfect combo with steaming hot rice, definitely satisfied the Asian in us

Mandatory train shot because I don't want you guys to drool on your screen.

We also went to another popular roasted meat joint called 太興 (Tai Hing). It is an atas restaurant if compared to Joy Hing, so the service was better and the ambiance as well.

But the food was just so so for me. I still prefer Joy Hing greasy meat but my friend prefers Tai Hing. We wanted to go back to Joy Hing but was pressed for time. If you're in Hong Kong, I highly recommend Joy Hing for you.

Lan Fong Yuen is another popular breakfast place in Hong Kong, unfortunately we experienced the worst service ever there. It was a small cha chang ting so, they squeezed everyone together. We moved our table a little bit to make room for everyone since there were 6 of us, But they scolded us. And when we wanted to order, they expected us to know their set menu. The waiter scolded us at first for taking too long to decide since we're trying to figure out what is Set A or Set B. 

He came back again but messed up our orders and had the nerve to actually scolding us again. Lan Fong Yuen has another policy where everyone must spend at least 25HKD. The waiter scolded us thinking that we didn't meet the minimum expenditure. We did okay. 

Not gonna come back to this place again since they serve very basic breakfast set

Scrambled egg on toast, nothing special about this

Pork burger which actually quite good but do not worth it to endure such a bad service just to have this.

Macaroni and ham soup, very very meh

We also had dinner at some very random shop one night after tired of walking around.

I had bacon wrapped golden mushroom which was good

But I couldn't get used to this rice

We went for steamboat at Nabe One in Tsim Sha Shui one night because Sara highly recommending it. She went for it two nights in a row.

And it totally worth it. We had so much food and with the cold outside, it feels so good to slurp on hot soup. They have awesome selection of ice cream that we had so much. I think this is one of my favorite meal in Hong Kong.

Speaking of ice cream, there is a gelato store next door at our hotel. Too bad we only realized how good the gelato are the night before we are supposed to move into our Airbnb apartment. I had tried coconut, yogurt and other flavors but my favorite is yogurt. 

Our mission to try Australia Milk Company is completed when we moved into our Airbnb apartment in Jordan because it is right downstairs of our apartment. But the queue, omg. People starts to queue as early as 7 in the morning. We waited around 20-30 minutes to be seated.

But the food was just so so. Nothing impressed me and their service is very rude. We started to realize that any Hong Kong highly recommended food outlets have the worst service ever and their food are not even worth the hype.

One of the reason we went to Stanley is to try King Ludwig Beerhall. It is a German restaurant that highly known for its pork knuckles. We opted for outdoor seating because the view is amazing. Lunch with sea view was perfect except that the wind was strong, so it was very chilly.

Can't remember the name of the dish but it was very good

German sausages which is the highlight of the meal for us

Our main dish, pork knuckles turned out to be too dry for our liking and it tasted funny too.

When in German restaurant, drink German beer. The boys love it but I didn't try it.

Another restaurant that we really wanted to try is the Michelin Star Mak's Noodles. We went to the one at The Peak for dinner. 

We each opted for different sets meal which comes with veggies and soups. My favorite is wanton soup of the juicy prawn and hot soup on winter is a winner for me. My friends tried their noodles but were not used to their noodles texture. 

I hope I do not miss out on any food that we had in Hong Kong. It does seems like we eat a lot there but we were there for a week. We also spent most of our budget on food. But food in Hong Kong is generally expensive so bear that in mind if you're planning a trip there. My advise is since you are already in Hong Kong, might as well go all out on the food if you are not planning to return soon. We are all foodie so we didn't mind to spend extra on food. 

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