Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Birthday wishlist

It is my birthday month finally!
Honestly I really love birthdays and started counting down right after Christmas.
Birthday after you passed your mid 20s comes with a mixed feeling for me. 
I'm happy because it is my birthday (duh!) but I'm sad too because I'm soon approaching the big 30 wtf. Feel so ancient now.

Birthday has different meaning to me now that I'm fully an adult. It is no longer about partying, how many Facebook birthday messages you get or who remember your birthday and who doesn't? Now it is all about being grateful to be able to turn a year older, maintain healthy and being the better person that I was before.

The highlight of birthday is of course it is the one day out of 366 days that you get to be spoiled. Hahahaha you're the big boss on your birthday and of course the gifts. It is the day that you will get shower with wishes and gifts. 

Anyway, this year I came up with a short list of the things that I want for my birthday. Actually it is my Christmas list that I carried forward to my birthday. Something that I would love to own and definitely will spend my money on.

Can you see how pretty the dUCk planner is? I fell for the soft and feminine color of the planner when it was first launched in FashionValet. I have planner from Muji for 2015 but I still use now. It is very useful because that's where I wrote down my blog ideas, travel plans and even my financial target and monthly budget. I had seen the dUCk planner layout and pages, so pretty guys! It even comes with inspirational quotes and illustrations as well as voucher for their partner brands. 
It retails at RM120 from FashionValet

2) Nike Roshe

This is something new for me because I don't dig girls wearing sneaker for outing until last year. Blame it on Kendall Jenner but she makes it look so effortless and stylish. And most important thing, it is comfortable. I was really close to get one while I was in Hong Kong. We were walking around Sneaker Street and I was in my ankle boot which hurt my feet so much that I succumbed and bought a Nike Air Max to wear on the spot. I did tried to look for Roshe but mostly sold out in my size (size 4, by the way). Until next two days we went to Harbour City and I was in another Nike store. They stocks the Roshe that I want (plain solid color) in my size and way cheaper than my Air Max. 

Dulan to the max la. I can't be greedy and get another sneaker so I passed at the chance. Now that I'm back here in Sibu, I still think about the Roshe. I'm too stingy to get it myself , maybe I can get it as a gift? hehehhe 

3) Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella

The Shopaholic series is my favorite book when I was younger. I love it so much that I even blogged about it before back in 2010. I had every books in this series except the new one. It feels like I'm growing up with Becky Bloomwood, from where she confessed her shopping addiction, met her now husband, got married, discovered she has half sister, moving abroad, got pregnant and so on, I've read it all. Except the latest book, Shopaholic to the Rescue. 

It is the continuation from Shopaholic to the Star because in the last book, the story sort of hanging there. I would really love to add the new book to my collection and reminiscing about the good times I had reading Becky Bloomwood.

I can't think of anything else to add to the list. So that's all for now.

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