Friday, February 19, 2016

Disneyland Hongkong Part 2

Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back with Disneyland post Part 2! Check out Part 1 here if you haven't.

After reuniting with our friends, we moved on to queue for the Rivers Adventure. It looked pretty cool and the queue was insanely long.

Look, it's full house. I think we waited for 30 minutes for our turn. I was kind of pissed off by the long queue because my feet was hurt.

We went on one of these boat and cruising around the river.

This photo was taken at Tarzan's place which is unrelated to the Rivers Adventure but I/m lazy to rearrange the photo.

At first, I thought we were going to see live animals but then I think it is impossible for Disneyland to keep live animals at open environment.

Fake mama elephant with baby elephant.

But looks real in the photo. Pardon some of the blurred photos because we were on moving boat.

This is the Tarzan's place that we visited after River Adventure.

Love story of Tarzan & Jane.

There is nothing much to see there. We left and moved on to the next show where we catch The Lion King Musical. It was really good and the performers really can sing and dance. No photos because it was dark and we wanted to just enjoy the show, 

The highlight of the trip for me is the Disney fireworks. We stayed till the end for the parade and the fireworks. I have video of the fireworks but too lengthy to attach here. I was really happy to witness Disney in the sky. It was really beautiful and the kid in me couldn't stop beaming. After the show finished, we need to rush back to catch our bus back to the city. Disney even made fake snow and it was right on point with the cold weather hahahaa.

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