Thursday, November 13, 2014

Penang Day 1 - Food hunt

We're almost approaching mid November and I had been back from Penang for almost 3 weeks but my blog still remains un-updated. Is there even a word for this?
Before my Penang photos collecting dust, so we go.

Me all packed and ready to fly.

I coordinate my outfit with the bestie every time I'm meeting her. So the night before my flight, I was busy texting her "What are you bringing?" "What will your wear to the airport?" "What else need to bring ah? Oh must bring sunglass, Penang is hot, right?"

Annoying, I know. 

Reunited at Nando's wtf

One more selfie on the plane to Penang

It was raining when we touched down at Penang Airport. Geez, I feel so welcome, Penang.
Luckily a friend was picking us up from airport and we headed straight to check in.
We stayed at The Campbell Times Boutique Hotel. Our room for the first night was red and blue theme.

This is the exact room. But this picture was taken off the internet because I don't have time to take nice photo of the room. We checked in, freshened up and out to hunt for food and only came back at 4 in the morning. 

We wanted to try different theme every night so that means we need to move from one room to another everyday. But we so paiseh that we slept through checkout time (12 noon) and the front desk called to wake us up to change room. 

It was not a pretty sight for us. We frantically repacked our bag and dragged it to second floor, this hotel has no elevator, in our pajamas with sleepy face.

Did it worth it for another theme?
Sadly, no.
Our room for the second day was garden themed but it is too simple.

Enough about the room, now move on to the most important thing in Penang.
The food, of course! 

My first taste of Penang food was none other than Penang Hokkien Mee

I can't remember the place but it was packed. Not sure if I was too tired from transiting for two flights and light headed, this dish didn't cut it for me. 

Ice Kacang at night because why not?

After the late dinner, we moved to find Penang specialty dessert, tang yuan

It came in peanut and sesame fill and perfect for rainy night

We spent our Saturday night at Hard Rock Penang

Actually it was full when we first came in and the crowd slowly dismissed as midnight come.
Only then we could secured seats upstairs and enjoyed the live performance.

Supper at 3am at Jiao Sai
Maggie goreng has never taste so good in my whole life.
And if you're wondering why picture so dark, it is because we had supper in the dark. 
Basically the set up tables and stool on the walkway outside of stores which has no lights.
Again, Jiao Sai was full. Penang people really passionate about their food even if it is just maggie goreng.

Campbell Highway where our hotel located.

This is just sum up my first night in Penang.
More updates will come soon.

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