Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting back on track

When I read back on my current posts, mostly are my backdated travel posts. Somehow that makes me feel like I haven't update much about the current happening in my life. But the truth is I always update on Dayre on the go. 

As much as I love Dayre for its convenience, I love my blog more as this is my original Dayre diary (Get it? hahahha) I am so not ready to let Dayre takes over my blog so here's the current update on what's going on in my life recently.

But first, my selfie

My right side is my good angle and most of my selfie post is like this. From left side I look like I have a bald patch on my forehead.

Like here, see the receding hair line? Partly is because my hair is flat that day.

It was taken 2 or 3 weeks ago during date night with the bf. I tried the Thai Fried Rice from Secret Recipe. It came with Tom Yam soup which honestly was pathetic. It was a cold chili soup with lime. But the fried rice was bombdiggity.

Recently I've been feeling bloated and fat, this one I'm sure is because my period is coming.
So I decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle. 
I know my own habit so I start small with basic stuff like less rice intake, no carb for dinner and exercise every other day.

So far so good la although I'm not quite consistent with my exercise.
I did yoga last week, just the basic stretching and my arm muscle was so sore the next day.
In term of diet, I normally skipped rice for lunch and no dinner.
But if I'm hungry, I made simple baked fish like usual.

Baked fish with veggies

For lunch normally I had soup like this

Baked fish with mushroom again

I am so used to eat till I'm full, so the sudden change of diet really affected me.
I got hungry so fast everyday.
But I'm slowly adjusting.
I still love all the carb and delicious food so I still enjoy it when I'm out with friends.
For me, the key is moderation because no way I'm cutting all those carbs and steak from my life.

I miss Danish, he has grown up so fast

I asked for my sis to pick up Danish last week to spend the weekend at our place because I miss him so much. He has grown up so fast and entering his Terrible Two phase.

I can no longer hold him for more than 5 minutes because he's getting heavier

Terrible Two show.
 He threw tantrum and cried on the floor when we won't give in to his demand

Awwww melts my heart

Cheat day with donuts.
But only half a piece was mine, 5 and a half were the bf's.

Now I find that grocery shopping is way more fun that clothes shopping
This is a definite sign of ageing T_T
Also I got sleepy after 10pm and must go to bed before midnight on weekday or else I'll get cranky the next morning.
It slowly sinking to me that I'm no longer a young adult anymore.
I'm in mid twenties now and next time before I know it, I'll be approaching my 30s.
Damn it time, slow down please!
I feel like I haven't achieve anything yet except for a growing wardrobe.

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