Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Penang Day 2

More Penang food post is coming up! Although I feel like eating is what we did all day, when I look back at all the photos that I took, I don't have that much food pictures in it. It is probably because we did eating all day but I already too tired to snap photos.

Went to hunt for the popular curry mee at Lorong Seratus Tahun

This curry mee is the bomb

When I said the bomb, I really mean it. I know it looks too oily because that's what I thought too when the aunty served me this. But after I mixed well everything when their chili, it tasted so good. But I have to refrain from ordering a second bowl because we were going to hunt for Char Kueh Tiaw next.

Your visit is meaningless if you never try Penang Char Koay Teow at Penang

Small portion but taste so good 

Too bad the great food is tainted by the bad attitude of the coffee shop owner. He yelled at us because we don't want to order drinks since we just had drinks when we had curry mee earlier. He literally went "You must order drinks! You think we don't need pay rental and electricity just so you can sit here and eat!!"

We're all like "what the hell" and quickly ordered drinks. I totally understand where he came from with all the rental and bills speech but come on, there's no need to raise his voice and scold us like that. Ish so uncle. So deduct point for his cafe even though the Char Koay Teow is amazing.

It was so hot so we seek refuge at Cafee Bene at Gurney Plaza (I think) and had strawberry Bingsu.

#Asian #girls

And we went for movie since we got all the time to kill
I miss being on holiday and no need to think about work T_T

I was very comfy till I almost feel asleep at some point

We went back to the hotel early since we're all tired. I can no longer went out till dawn for 2 nights in a row. But we girls being girl and had a mini photo shoot in garden theme room. 

Floral background checked, fake flower checked!

Sorry for the abundance of selfies, I don't want our time and effort for taking pictures went to waste, so must post a lot here hahahhaha

Ending this post with the dream catchers in our hotel lobby.

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