Thursday, November 20, 2014

More OOTDs

Compiling another set of my OOTDs taking with my phone for the past 2 months. This OOTD thing can get really addictive like it's a must for me to take my own outfit photo if I made up nicely. Even if I'm running late.

At least this helps me to keep track of what I'd wore and not to repeat the outfit way too often. If I could have it my way, I want to have endless supply of wardrobe just so I can not repeating my clothes. I bet this is every girls dream,

Dirty mirror never mind

Top - Bangkok
Skirt - Forever21

A different kind of ootd

Dress - Twenty3
Heels - Vincci 
Clutch - Bvlgari pouch wtf

Another wedding dinner outfit

Dress - Twenty3

Something borrowed

Cardigan - bf's sister
Dress - bf's sister

Lazy rainy day outfit

Top - Taiwan (?) Bought this from a friend sister when she went there I think
Jeans - Forever21
Headband - Sereni & Shentel

Fitting room ootd

Sweater - Padini
Short - Padini

Wedding dinner ootd

Top - Unmasqued
Skirt - Padini
Heels - Vincci

Bag - Nose
Flats - Vincci

Top - H&M
Shorts - Brand Outlet
Bag - Bangkok

Dress - Fahrenheit 88 (Forgot which boutique) 
Bag - Zara

I know by now you will notice that all of my footwear are from Vincci, This is because only Vincci carries shoes perfectly in my size, which is size 3 and sometimes 4. Sad but true. Anything that I bought online, I already linked it up there, the rest I just bought in store,

P/S: Do you notice that I have the habit of pushing my hair to one side and tilt my head when taking photo? Hehehehe, it is all about the angle.

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