Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Langkawi Day 4 : Shopping and beach time

This will be the last installment of my Langkawi trip two months ago. You guys can read the rest of my Langkawi trip here. So this is my continuation of Day 3 after we visited Langkawi Sky Cab. 

After dinner, we drove back to Chenang beach after dropping my parents off at the hotel. Whole day of walking and exploring easily wore them down. We wanted to explore Chenang Beach at night since it is more happening than Kuah. So if you're planning to visit Langkawi, better stay at Chenang since it is near the beach and lots of activities around the bars and cafes.

Selfie on the road side while waiting for my siblings to shop

Night market in front of the Underwater World

I've done some research and found out there are other night markets around Langkawi but sadly we're out of time to explore each of them. We were just passing by the night market above because we wanted to get some food to bring to the beach.

Blurry but this is the night view on the beach

There are lots of cafes along the beach and some put bean bags on the beach for people to chillaxing. It is pretty awesome to lie on the bean bags facing the pitch black sea while listening to the occasional waves crashing. Except that there were mosquitoes too. What a bummer.

The yellow bean bags belong to the Yellow Beach cafe obviously.

They have hammocks too on the patio

Awww that's so sweet

We spent the rest of the night playing on the beach. We played "Running Man" it was hilarious but resulted me in black bruises the next day. It was fun to ditch the technology and played our childhood games such as hopscotch, "slipper throwing game" or better known as Main Tikau Selipar among the Iban, By the time we're exhausted, it was past midnight. So we drove back drenched in sweat ans woke up with aching muscle the next day.

Day 4 was spent rather relaxing. Initially I wanted to explore Black Sand Beach and Seven Well Waterfall but they seemed exhausted from all the activities the previous days. Instead, we spent the day in the mall. 

Selfie on Day 4

Most of the malls are located in Kuah town. Naturally when we said we stayed in Kuah, the locals would smile and said "Ah.. you guys must have love shopping" Only the truth is, I had no idea about this when I booked our hotel. Anyway the main shopping attraction in Langkawi is the duty free shops. So there are a dozen a dime of duty free shops and almost every shops sell the same variety of duty free goods such as boozes, cigarette, chocolates and perfumes. Price wise, it is more or less the same unless if you buy from large scale shop like Teow Soon Huat. Their chocolates are relatively cheaper than the rest.

According to the sales assistant it is because they bought their stocks in large scale and able to get good price for it. Therefore, they can afford to lower their price to compete with other shops. Teow Soon Huat is located in Kuah, am not sure if they have branches or not.

Toblerone is the most popular chocolate around the island

Told you it is popular, every stores carry this

Late afternoon came so we changed and headed back to Chenang Beach. We went back everyday and really should just stay there. The 30 minutes commute back and forth is really troublesome. I forgot to pack extra bra/bikini top after our islands hopping trip and had to walk around Chenang in wet bikini top before I gave up and bought the cheapest bikini which I might never use again in the future.

My brother still couldn't get enough of banana boat, so we went on another ride but this time cheaper and longer time on the sea since the vendors already know us. A little tip here, it doesn't hurt to flirt a little bit because in the end, my brother got a free jet ski ride because we're apparently friends with the vendor.

We played a bit in the water until everyone was tired and went on to do our own stuff on the beach. My brother and bf wanted to play volleyball so they rented the ball and net for RM30/hour. At first we thought it was free since some tourists said they played it for free the day before.

When my brother and bf had gathered enough players, the vendor came and demanded RM30 to rent the ball for them. I wanted to play too since all of them played but opted out because they had more than enough players. Other tourists nearby also joined in and it got crowded.

Guys really can bond over any sports.

Since the guys dominated the game, us girls took off and do our own things. 

It was sun bathing for me and sea swimming for my sisters.

I've decided to ditch sun bathing after a while and got under shade to enjoy my insanely cheap apple cider. It was just RM3.80 per bottle. 

I miss having apple cider on the beach, I want another beach holiday!

Look at my raccoon eyes, this is why you should wear waterproof make up

We stayed on the beach until the sun set

Afterward we frantically took a quick shower in the nearby public shower because it closed at 7pm. Then drove another half an hour back to Kuta to pick up my parents for dinner. Dinner was delicious at one of the popular spot which sadly we only discover on our last day.

We ended our night at Dataran Lang just to get our photo with the giant eagle. I mean how could we came to Langkawi and not had our photo here because it symbolizes Langkawi. Too bad the photo turned out to be a little crook. This was after numerous tries from one of the tourist that we asked to take photo for us,

Daddy and mummy with the girls

Langkawi was great however I'm quite upset that I didn't get to do more activities. I doubt that I would come back again in the future but oh well, you never know. I wouldn't purposely plan a trip back here again because there are other places that I wanted to explore but in life, I have learn to never say never. 

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