Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop complaining and be positive

I have been feeling very negative lately. I want to blame it on the hormone like every other girl does, but I know that is not the reason for all the negativity around me. Every morning I woke up feeling happy and ready to kick start my day even though it is Monday. But around 9am my oh-so-happy mood slowly depleting.

I believe in projecting positive energy and the Universe will attract positive energy to you. It's a simple set of karma. You feel good, you'll do good.

But why there are always people complaining and spreading the negativity around?
Come on, why pick on every little things to complain about? What for?
I know someone whom complain about every single things literally everyday.
I don't know what is her point? Maybe she will feel better after lifting those things in her chest?
If it is a big matter,then never mind.
But it is always the petty things like someone didn't use the recycle envelope, longer turn around time, someone park at their usual spot and the list goes on.

It is really depressing to hear someone yakking on and on about such a small issue and channeling all of her negative energy around and ruin others mood.

Just be grateful for what you have and focus on the positive side, can or not?
I just want a peaceful environment to survive the 9-5 job every weekdays.

Alright, rant over.
Now I want to get back to my Desperate Housewife, I watched this series long time ago when it started and stopped at season 5 I think. I forgot how much I love watching these bitchy housewives.

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