Saturday, October 4, 2014

September the wedding month

I guess everyone social media are flooded with wedding photos in the month of September, eh? Well, mine did. And I had the most wedding invites in September. I never associate myself as a wedding kind of girl. I never actually think of mine yet while other girls probably already started planning theirs since kindergarten.

Anyway, going to 4 wedding receptions in a month made me all mushy and secretly taking notes for my future reference. Hahaha 
I want a small and intimate wedding with only family and close friends. Because it is the celebration of love, so it only appropriate to be shared among loved ones.
Other than that, I have no idea what I want.
Don't get the wrong idea guys, nobody is proposing okay.

The first wedding reception that I went to is my high school classmate's. I've never been in touch with her after we left high school so it was nice to see her embarking on her new life journey as a wife.

Headband: Sereni & Shentel
Dress: Twenty3

The thing about high school classmate's wedding is it is sort of a mini reunion for all us. I met some of my ex classmates that night.

The usual gang

With Miao

Another group photo

One with the bride and groom

A much clearer photo that I stole from bride Facebook

After we the dinner, we adjourned to Bistecca for another round of supper. Diet is hardly in our books anymore.

With Sara

The next wedding is the bf's best friend wedding reception. The bride did an awesome job with all the decor and the theme for their reception. I super love the atmosphere for the wedding.

Half an hour of makeup ruined in 5 minutes of storm rain :(

Forgot to take photo with the newlywed, so their back also can la hor.
Look at their backdrop, damn nice the stamping, all designed by the bride herself.

Dress: Twenty3

I think I have at least 7 dresses from Twenty3 so far. I like their designs and it fit me quite well. But I have to say, shopping with Twenty3 is like gambling. You hit the jackpot when the dress that you bought is made from good material. I once felt totally deceived when the dress that I bought arrived, it is made from cheap material that totally China-ish.

Back to wedding story, I have to pass an invite because I was out of town for the weekend. And the last wedding that I went to in September is at Kuching.

Selfie on the way to airport

Top: unmasqued

This wedding is the most intimate one. 

My skirt blends so well with the carpet hahaha

Super intimate till I kena invite on the stage to perform fml

This is the culprit that dragged me on stage

They hired the professional dancer to perform traditional dance and I super kaypoh snapping photo. He posed for me then dragged me on stage to do traditional dance. Too bad I couldn't dance but still able to entertain the crowd.

Ending the blog with photo of me and my sister

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