Sunday, October 26, 2014

Off the list

Remember this post about my first list of lust that I've wrote for over a year ago? Well, this is a follow up post of that entry. After over a year, I have finally crossed two items off the list.

1) Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit

I bought this some time after I wrote that blogpost and I have never regretted it. Yes, it was a tad pricy even though I got it for 30% off Luxola but it was the best investment ever because I put on make up daily and it has never shed a single hair before. The bristle still so soft even after a year and I clean it weekly with make up brush cleaner. 

2) Prada Saffiano Leather wallet

This one is my recent purchase. Before this I never actually thought of purchasing designer wallet, it was just a dream to own one. But after one too many damaged and tear wallets later on, I've decided it is time to invest in one that I can use for years.

Even before I step into Prada, I already know what I want. So I went straight to the display case and ohhh-ing ahh-ing over the Saffiano wallet. The SA suddenly put a similar one in front of me and told me that it is the latest Saffiano wallet with colours combo: peonia, light pink and white. Don't quote me on the colours name because I might get it wrong.

I was contemplating between the classic Saffiano and the multicolored one. As if she could read my mind, the SA blurted out: "You already have the answer, just go for it"
With a little push like that, I brought home my multicolored Saffiano.

Two items off the list, now I shall work towards the rest.

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