Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Iphone snaps

An Iphone snaps update to see what's going on in my life for the past month. Right now I'm really piss off with The Sims 3. The thing is I just reformat my laptop, hence I need to reinstall the game. And the problem is that I keep getting error message when installing it. Probably the drive can't read the disc or something, I'm so desperate that I even watch Youtube and googling like a nerd to find a solution. This is my third try to install the game, finger cross it works.

I was complaining to the bf that we seldom take photo together these days. And he literally forced me to take photo with him since then. ='=

During dinner with my family

Outing at the mall

I couldn't carry Eden for more than 5 minutes now, he's growing bigger and bigger

 One of my attempts to try eat healthy. 
And yet I burnt my fish fillets.

Oh yeah, I've finally managed to reinstall The Sims 3.  Why does all these games are so complicated to install or am I just to noob? It took me whole day and various of forums and Youtube tutorials to figure it out.

My nail polishes haul from Elianto. I got all of these for only RM25 from the current online sale for Elianto.

Went for Sushi King Bonanza last 2 weeks and I had so much salmon that I wanted to puke.

Visit my brother's dorm at my alma mater. Totally not missing the tiny room.

Quick selfie 

My dark circle is horrible T_T

My best buy from Daiso lololol

I've been looking for herbs for cooking but it is so expensive. I even contemplating to plant my own except that I have no idea where to buy it. I was so excited when I spotted basil and oregano in Daiso. They even have ginger, turmeric, garlic and so on. Japanese are really awesome.

My Sims before I uninstall it.

I created this Sims out of boredom and kinda hate her because she did not accomplish anything. Technically my fault la since I'm the one played her. I cheated to get more money to build the house and slowly get bored because I have nothing to look forward to except to see her twins growing up. It is taxing to care for twins for a single mother, so I just uninstall it. Actually I could just create a new character lolol.

Trying out strawberry tea, tasted really weird. 

Another attempt of eating clean. Baked fish with potato and carrots.

My first try making baked fish in foil was a bit fail because my fish was tasteless, not enough seasoning. The second try which was photo above was over seasoned. Too salty and peppery. Hopefully my next try will turn better.

Back to the gym after a long time of hiatus

Evening walk with Pino

Actually it's my favorite thing to do after walk. Sadly, lately a 5 minutes walk will caused me numerous mozzie bites. Right now I have to put on mosquito repellent before leaving the house.

I did the unexpected last Saturday morning by going to the farmer market with my mom. I have not been there for at least 10 years. How much things has change now because the sight of fresh produce makes me happy now.

And everything is cheap too if compared to supermarket but the downside is it was so hot

So glad to be back in the air conditioner.

That's all for update now because I want to go back to my Sims. I just bought two new expansions and so excited to try it.

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