Saturday, April 27, 2013

List of Lust #1

I have been eyeing this Sigma beauty brush since last 2 months but Luxola was out of stock of this. A while ago, I received an email from Luxola stating that Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit is now back on stock and they have 15% off for your first time shopping with them. The offer is very tempting but I'm aware that I can live without that now and I have vacations in June and July that I should save up for.

Ahhh, a pink Prada Saffiano leather wallet. Something that will look nice in my bag but will burn a big hole in my pocket.

This is not something that I fell in love with immediately but after a few times seeing the celebrities toting this and the Jenner sisters instagram-ing their Celine bags, I couldn't help but to develop interest in this sought after IT bag. 2 days ago I was doing my grocery shopping in a local mall, I stumbled upon a Celine inspired bag by Summit, I knew I have to have it. At much cheaper price and still stylish, it will be perfect for work or leisure. Finger cross the bag will still available till next week.

I'm aware how the price is escalating as my list grow longer but pardon me, this perfect bag had been on my list since long time ago. And it will stay there until I move it to my closet maybe in the next 2 years or more.

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