Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#20 fun facts about me

I was tagged by my friend on Instagram to do a #20funfactsaboutme. I contemplated to do on my Instagram but against it and write it here instead. Haven't done tag post for quite a while, this might be fun. So here goes my list:

1) I am terrified of cat. Yup, I can handle dog but not cat.

And this is my baby

2) I love travelling. So I make sure that I go to 2 new places at least every year.

3) My feet is small. My shoes size is 4, sometimes 3, no kidding.

4) I don't like sweet food. Especially drinks because it gives me toothache every time and I have to brush my teeth straightaway.

5) I'm really grumpy when people wake me up in the middle of my sleep, or when I'm lack of sleep.

6) I'm not a morning person but slowly becoming one. This one sure is aging symptom.

7) I love reading. I used to read a lot when I was younger. Now I have at least 30 new books that I haven't read yet. I bought it all on sale and book fair.

8) I've never been to concert. :(

9) I love beach, so I always plan a beach holiday every year. 

10) I'm a impatience driver, I hate slow driver on the fast lane. 

11) I don't like sleeping in aircond anymore because I don't like the cold.

12) Back in Uni, I'm active in Taekwando. Sadly, I forgot most of the steps now.

13) I was active in yoga and cardio in 2012 but now I rarely go anymore. I'm so lazy :(

14) I collect stamps when I was a kid. I have 2 albums filled my stamps. I also do scrapbooks for my favorite boy band, Westlife and favorite singer, Britney Spears. I still love Westlife now and know their songs by heart.

15) My height maintains 150cm since I was 12 years old. 

16) I'm not good in Math or numbers. But I'm very good at memorizing phone numbers.

17) My favorite holiday is Christmas but I've never really celebrate it because my parents and friends are not really into it. 

18) People always mistaken me for Chinese but I'm not.

19) My job now has nothing to do with I've studied in Uni. 

20) I love dancing.

That's all from me. I thought it is easy to just churn out 20 fun facts about me but man, it took me 3 days to finish this. So I tagged all of you whom read this to do this #20funfactsaboutme. Try it!

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