Sunday, September 21, 2014

Overnight challenge accepted

Just a short update because I just got back from Bintulu. It was a super tiring day. The trip was totally last minute and supposed to be a day trip. That's why I didn't pack anything at all. I only brought my usual bag contents eg: contact lens solution, glasses, power bank. phone cable, wallet, tissue, panty liners and etc.

Guess what?! I've survived the overnight challenge.

I'm the sort of person whom tend to over pack for trip. Sometimes, I even pack pillows, towels (notice the s) and lots of extra tops for a weekend trip.

So the impromptu day trip turned overnight trip really challenged me. I was annoyed at first knowing that I have zero stuff that I needed. Can't you believe that I slept with my make up on because they don't have make up remover and also I don't want to wipe my eyebrow pencil away because I don't want to be brow-less the next day.

I was very tempted to rush to nearby supermarket to get everything that I needed but I was seriously overwhelmed with all the dramas around me and couldn't tear myself away. It is really heartbreaking to see things have to end that way but maybe it's for the better.

Drama aside, I was actually enjoying the carefree feeling about having nothing prepared. I wore Tze (the bf's sis) clothes and thank God I decided to wear my flat yesterday. It matches everything. I even wore it to trekking last week.

The fake cry king trying to get his way but fail. hahaha he's so cute when he's in good mood but when he's in bad mood, I prefer to not deal with it.

Loaned OOTD : Dress and cardigan all from Tze. Which I kinda love. 

This is the second week in a row that I have been going to church at Bintulu. Eden (Fake cry king aka Tze's son) is being baptized today, Plus the priest topic today was quite interesting and I've talked about it in my Dayre Day 264

McD Drive Through for our trip home.

I'm really tired now and want to retired to bed but I guess I'll end up on Youtube before bed. I really miss my bed so much. 

Side note, Pino been having diarrhea today and he ended up went in the house which really upset us. Initially, I thought he did it for attention but turned out he really couldn't hold it any longer when I witnessed him letting go in my room T_T Thankfully, I still able to bring him outside to finish his business. We couldn't figure out what triggers the diarrhea. I hope he'll be better tomorrow.

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