Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend in Bintulu

I went to Bintulu with the bf and his parents last weekend. It was rather an impromptu plan because I was supposed to go to Kuching with my family to visit my brother but my dad cancelled last minute.

It was a super early car ride as early as 4am. fml. I hate early morning car ride like this because it it 1) too early, literally at the break of the dawn. 2) too sleepy even though I'm not the one whom driving. Anyway, I slept for the whole 3 hours ride despite being grumpy due to the interrupted sleep.  

Kuching laksa at Bintulu for breakfast

After breakfast we went back to his sister's house to rest and I continued napping until noon. Best feeling ever to wake up with full energy.

A cheeky selfie with the cheeky monster

We hang around the house chitchatting for awhile when suddenly his mom blurted out "难怪你们会肥咯,你们家没有镜子" hahahahha 

She was actually looking for mirror because she wanted to check her hair out but couldn't find out and blurted that one out. 

A selfie at the beach

The usual evening activity everytime I'm in Bintulu is to go to the beach. Nothing has changed though. 

There are the reflexology path located at the playground and we were eager to try that one out. Fml super painful to walk on the uneven stone surface bare foot. Haih, I'm really not healthy as I thought I am.

We got woken up as early as 7.30am the next day for church service. Having less than 5 hours of sleep, I remained grumpy for the second day. Furthermore, I was woken up by the monster pulling my hair wtf. 

We joined his family for church service, I use the term joined loosely because if not forced, both of us won't be going. We slept around 2am the night before and I got woken up by a child. Lack of sleep + woken up rudely = not a good way to start the day.

I was so sleepy during the mass that I didn't catch what the priest was trying to deliver. To be honest, I don't like being forced for church service because I know my heart won't be in it and I will not pay attention. That's why I only go to church on my own term, when I know I'm ready to focus rather than trying to fight my sleepiness. 

Bare face because no time to get ready

We were supposed to go back to Sibu in the afternoon but 5 mins before getting in the car, someone suggested that we go fruit picking in the orchard and barbeque at night. I wanted to go home for dinner with my family because my bro will fly back to his uni the next day (monday) but what to do. I don't want to be wet blanket for everyone.

Jungle trekking in style

I have no appropriate outfit and extra top so I just went like that. The orchard was located on a hill and it was tiring. 

Face almost as red as my shoes wtf

Can you spot the fruits on this tree? There are more than 20 fruits there.

Trip back home is another day of waking up at the crack of dawn. We left Bintulu at 4am and it was pouring rain. But I had good 3 hours of sleep and only waking up when they reached my house at 7.30am. 

I took my shower and dashed to work afterward. Still made it on time for work #achievementunlock

So that's how I spent my last weekend,

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