Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

My first post ever for 2014. I was lucky that I got to spent my New Year Eve with loved ones.I had lovely birthday dinner with my family because my dad is a NYE baby. Afterward, I joined my friends at Extra Time for countdown with the bf.

Happy birthday dadyy

My NYE pack

I don't want to sound cliche because seriously "time flies" phrase is so overrated but the saying is true. 2013 now is a thing of the past and I still have so much to blog about but I'm seriously lacking in updating this particular space because I feel like I need to live in the moment. I document my life here so that I can always look back at my online diary in the future. But that doesn't mean that my life is revolved around my blog. I did a lot of other things that I chose not to blog about. And sometimes, I just want to be in the moment, rather than busy snapping away photos and thinking it will be great for the blog later. I guess I've grown up.

In 2013, I've said that I wanted to save more money and travel more. I did better in the latter and I really enjoyed travelling to new places and explored new surrounding with the bf. Not only that, we managed to travel with both of  our family too.. As for my financial status, I'm still working on it. But this time I'm working toward a more concrete goal. So, in a nutshell, I kinda ticked off my 2013 resolution #1 & #2.

I admit that I failed my 2013 resolution #3. I stopped going for yoga and tried to go to gym but failed. But in term of delaying aging wtf, I'm doing good. I have found what work best for my skin and what's not. 2013 resolution #4 is semi failed. I tried to set up an online business but I didn't put as much effort as I should and therefore I deserve the failure on this one. This year maybe, I will plan out carefully and relaunch my business.

Well, 2013 resolution #5 was a bit bizarre but a girl can always dream. 2013 was not a good year for me in term of achieving my own personal goals as I get sidetrack but it's the year that I finally grown to accept myself for who I am and learn to let go of my own insecurities. Career wise, I'm getting stable and happy in my job but I always open for change. Overall, I finally really stepping into adulthood in 2013 where I learnt bills need to be paid, food need to be prepared and laundry need to be washed, all on my own. In short, I've learnt to be responsible.

I have great hope for 2014 to be a better year and I'll list down my resolution soon after I'm done setting up my goals for the year. A great start for me as I managed to tick off one of  my 2014 goals which is to bring my parents for a holiday. I already booked our tickets last month and can't wait to plan the rest of the holiday.

Cheers to 2014, a new beginning to an amazing journey!

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