Monday, December 30, 2013

A Day in Bintulu and Miri

A proper post about my Bintulu & Miri trip in early December with photos from my camera. I finally transferred all of photos from my SD card because I need to format it.

On the way

First thing I did when reached Bintulu was holding Eden.

I thought he just woke up from his nap by the look on his face. Turned out it is his default look now. -__- This baby looks as if he's in such a great agony. LOL

He looked annoyed

Because the bf kept trying to kiss him hahahha
Life as baby is hard, everyone keep kissing you, ain't it Eden?

Dinner at Pandora Cafe (I think) with BIL
Must try their fried rice and chicken chop( which missing from the photo), it was delicious.

The next day we drove to Miri and reached there just in time for the bf's exam. Fuhhhh, we got delayed at Bintulu because I was doing my hair. It was totally impromptu but super worth it.

OOTD all from Cotton On which I bought online during Black Friday sale.
My outfit total cost is RM18.90. LOL cheapest to the max

I like this photo because it looks as if Kelly was trying to flirt LOL


Milk time

Koko birthday cake

We threw a not so surprise belated birthday party for Ah Tung but Secret Recipe was out of cake. In the end, we settled for all assortments of cakes which was a brilliant idea because we get to taste all of the flavors. Maybe I should do this for birthdays next time, then everyone can get their favorite cakes.

"Give me your camera"
"Not a chance"

"Fine, I have my own Ipad, whatever"

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