Monday, January 6, 2014

Family little trip

One of the reason I love year end is because of my family gathering. Since my dad birthday fall on the last day of the year which in conjunction with school holidays, we also had family vacation/gathering. Now that I'm working, the tradition kinda wear off because it was hard to get everyone together anymore. However, I always make sure I made time for them.

This year  Last year, my parents opted to go to KL for a week. I only joined them for the weekend since I had no more leave left. It sure was a tiring but fun nonetheless. Travelling with large group or families really tested my patience. And I had lost my patience quite a few times, to be honest.  

Someone was being shy lololol

Nando's trying to be funny

I wonder why Nando's always packed with people. It was so loud and crowded, kinda kill the mood to eat. But I was famished and my family wanted to try Nando's, so Nando's it is.

Baby plate

Ah Tung with his meal

Tried on this super comfy sweater at Forever 21 but I ended up not buying it because it was too expensive

Korean food for dinner and that's how I looked after stuck in traffic jam for an hour and got soaked in the rain.

I'm not a big fan of Korean food but Mr. Dakgalbi was delicious. Especially the noodle which I have no idea what it called.

My dad was totally being anti social with his Candy Crush lolol

How I looked in the morning

Me after a whole day of shopping and walking

My aunt bought this salted caramel popcorn and it is the bombdiggity. I almost finished the whole packet in just 5 minutes. I just sat there and eat, no movies no book. Lololol I sound like a glutton.

This time around I bought quite a lots of clothes and makeup which I promised myself will not buy because I already hoard way too much makeup stuffs. But the Benefits Cosmetic came out with really cute travelling set and I just couldn't resist it. So I told myself, it's okay because it was Christmas, it is sort of Christmas gift for myself. Hahahha I sound so pity. The miniature make up are so cute and I feel so sayang to use it, I keep it in my makeup pouch and it still remain untouched till today. Haih, now I regret buying it. 

Almost 12 am already, I wanna sleep now because I'll be grumpy without enough hours of sleep. Good night!

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