Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Catching up

Normally around this time every year, I will talk about my birthday celebration. But not this year. Because my paternal grandmother passed away 3 days before my birthday and I was away at my kampung with my family for her funeral. And we're still in our mourning process. So I didn't get any celebration done. And that explain my late reply for the birthday wishes especially on Facebook.

Not trying a be a whiny brat but I'm so glad to be back at my own home now. Staying for a week in kampung is literally torturing me. If you've been reading my blog since 2009 (can't you believe I've have this blog for 5 years already?) you would have know that I hate my kampung. a) There's nothing that I can do there, no internet, no Astro. b) I hate kampung food and I always ended up with gastric c) no friends. Everyone around my age are mostly married with kids and I'm not on the same page with them.

It been a week since the passing of my grandma. We start to move on with our daily life. I'm not very close with my grandma once I'm growing up. When I was little, i enjoyed her company very much. She used to tell her grandchildren old folk tales as our bedtime stories. She would bring us with her to go fishing. Though it was pointless because with us around, she never catch anything. We're too loud and would swam there. In fact, she's the one that teach me to swim.
By throwing me into the river and left me flapping my way to the bank. Thanks Grandma. It still feel surreal that she's gone now.
Rest in peace, Inik.
We're going back again this Friday for the ending of the mourning process (ngetas ulit) and lots of my cousins will be there, so I foresee a great bonding weekend with them. Other than that, I'm picking myself up slowly to recover from my grandma passing, catching up with work and disappointment of the bf for forgetting my birthday (!).
But thank God for great friends, I still got lots of wishes and Miao and Sara took me out for an early birthday dinner and gave me great gifts that I absolutely love. And according to the bf, my birthday gift is included in my Christmas gift as well as my Valentine gift. ='=

Gifts from my girl friends

Reunited with my love

He seemed so happy when we picked him up when we're back. Poor little fella must have thought that we abandon him because he's been really clingy afterward. Lol

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