Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekly Recap #3

These few days I'm feeling really good, always feel so positive and calm, I myself don't even know why. It must be some kind of hormones changes due to my menstrual cycle. Normally, I'll be all angry and moody or sappy and have zit popping out somewhere on my face but nil this month. Maybe that's what boosting my mood and make me happy.

Anyway, my bff, Xiao S was back in Sibu for few weeks before continuing her Master. So we did what we do best, yamcha and having night out.

Mostly my photos with her whenever we're out were taken in the toilet. Sometimes we went to the washroom just for a photo together because our narcissism level haven't reach so high till can shamelessly camwhoring in public, although sometimes we did.

Bumped into my high school junior at 9 Bar. I haven't see her in ages and she kept saying that I haven't changed a bit. Still so petite :)

My ootd for that night, top is from Brand Outlet and skirt is from Bugis Street. Actually I purposely photobombing her to show my ootd and she didn't look pleased lol.

Being antisocial in a club. It was still early and the club was almost empty. I was too tired to socialize and the phone is my bff.

I think I have a shopping disease. I have this bag at the corner of my room filled with all brand new make up and skin care stuff that I bought. It is an accumulate haul, I didn't bought all of these at once. Some are during holidays, some are during normal outings and some are gifts from friends.  I just feel like I need to buy something whenever I'm going out but mostly stuffs that I bought were on discount. I have like 3 brand new chapsticks, 2 mascaras, 2 blushes and many more. 

Catching up with le bestie before she's flying off the next day.

Recently I have been doing some research and read lots of reviews on camera because I'm seriously considering of buying one. At first, I wanted the newly launched Lumix GF6 but then it was so hard to find one here at Sibu. Then I tested the Sony NEX 5R and kinda like it. It ticked all the main requirements for a camera for me. Mostly all I want are flip screen and wifi but when I tested the Sony NEX 5R, I was quite impress with the quality and it was easy to maneuver  too. Might be a good camera for a beginner like me. The only bummer is the price. 2K for a camera, is it a bit too much? I don't know. 

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