Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Recap #2

Enough with the backdated travelling post, here's a snippet of my weeks so far. 

 #1 Trying to hop back into the fitness bandwagon and I failed. I went for a jog at the local park with the bf the other day and I almost fainted. I was panting while speed walking and grasping for air after 2 round. I went back to belly and cardio workout also but it's an on and off thing for me. I need to get my stamina back T_T

#2 Still remember my furry friend, Pino? He's been such a naughty boy lately. One morning, out of sudden he got angry and jumped on me while I was leaning to hug the bf. I guessed his teeth (or mouth) knocked my upper lip. I thought he bit me but then I realized it was a tiny cut. My lip was bleeding and swollen and I didn't talk to him for days. I was so angry at him for behaving like that. He's been with me for 5 years already and this is the first time it happened. But fret not, we're back on good track now and have our new evening routine walk.

Sorry for his thing dangling in the pic below.

#3 The missing element in my domestic skills is cooking and I'm still trying hard to cook more but it is so hard. I always put too much salt or overcook or undercook the meal. But hey I'm learning. Baby steps Suz, baby step.

#4 My favorite and simplest dinner ever. The only skill required is to deep fried the fish fillet and yet it was a bit too salty. Baby step yo! But I made my own tartar sauce.

#5 My perfect breakfast combo, omelette, bacon, garlic bread and cherry tomatoes. Sad thing is I get hungry after an hour.

#6 Lazing around on a Sunday and realized that I'm still quite tan. Pardon the multiple neck fold and flabby arm, not my best angle this one.

I really should invest on a good camera. Time wait for no man and I want to capture my photos and create more memory before growing old. 

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