Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last Monday I felt a slight discomfort in my gum. First I thought it was just the mild toothache that usually came when I ate/drink anything too sweet. The discomfort normally went away after I brush my teeth. Oh boy, how wrong was I. The discomfort grew into pain when the night came.

I had to take a Panadol to ease the pain. First thing that crossed my mind is the nightmare of growing wisdom teeth. I pleaded for it not too be as painful as everyone described. Again, my plead to the Universe left unattended. I woke up in the middle of the night with greater pain and had to resort for another quick remedy, the Panadol.

I woke up the next morning barely able to open my mouth. My face was super swollen and I know there's no escape from the dentist this time. It hurt so bad that I just sat and cried on my bed.

Thank God for the painkiller, the pain subsided and of course no more moody me. 
Now the problem is that the antibiotics that my dentist prescribed had side effects on me. He warned me this beforehand but I never had any side effect from antibiotics before so I just shrugged it off.

I was happy that my face no longer swollen and no more pain. Everything was great and I was all smiley until this evening when I was off from work. Here comes the side effects, I felt weak and nausea and vomited. 
I guess I have to take the antibiotics back to the dentist and exchange for something milder. 
If you're wondering, I was prescribed Beamoxy 250mg and Metronidazle 400mg.

Till now my dentist haven't confirmed whether it is the wisdom teeth or gum infection.
I have an X-ray appointment this Saturday to find out.
Suddenly, the weekend doesn't seems so appealing to me anymore.
Arghhhh.. I'm dreading it.


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