Thursday, August 8, 2013

JB : Johor Premium Outlet & Singapore ( Bugis Street)

Continuation of my travel tale to down South from last post. The only time that I had to explore Johor was on the night that we reached. We stayed at Citrus Hotel which located right next to City Square Mall and 10 minutes walk to the Immigration checkpoint to Singapore. Perfect location and cozy room, I will definitely stay there again if I ever go to Johor in the future. 

We reached Johor in the afternoon and had to take the bus from Larkin to JB Sentral. Both of us lugging our luggage the whole day, it was quite tiring and lucky our hotel was easy to find. Cleaned up and helped ourselves to late lunch, we wanted to take the bus to Johor Premium Outlet afterward. Buttttt we missed the bus by few minutes. And the next bus was on 5.30pm or 6pm, we had plenty of time kill so we explored City Square mall. The whole journey to JPO took about an hour and a half I think, both of us dozed off on the bus. 

I read lots of reviews about shopping experience at JPO prior to this trip, lots of it were not pleasant one though. So I kinda lower my expectation but apparently I lowered mine too much because that's where I bought the most basic apparels. The discount wasn't much and the choices are quite limited but surely there were some gems hidden somewhere, so you gotta dig around.

Day 2
Our plan for the day was to go to USS but we stopped for brunch at Taiwan Restaurant for brunch and got carried away. When we reached the ICQ, it was packed with people. We really shouldn't stopped for brunch because by the time we reach Orchard Road for the USS pick up point, we already missed the bus and the next one was at 3.30pm which was quite late. 

Me with bf nerd glass during brunch

I was so glad that the bf insisted on cancelling the USS plan for the day because we won't even have time to enjoy anything if we did go. So, we spent the day roamed around Singapore, eating ice cream sandwich at Orchard Road, shopped a little at H&M, getting disappointed in Aldo because they ran out of my size for a sandal that I really keen on (I even hunt down the same sandal two weeks after that at Fahrenheit 88 and KLCC, all were out of my size!!!), went to Bugis Street where I bought a Topshop quality circle skirt for only SGD5 and crammed with Singaporean during peak hour at the MRT, stuck at a super duper long queue at Singapore Custom and illegally ride Bus Pekerja to get back to JB. 

Tired but happy face

I walked so much that my feet were aching like crazy. We both passed out after reaching hotel to prepare for USS the next day. This post is getting lengthy, I shall stop here. USS entry will be up next, I promise!

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