Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally, Universal Studio Singapore

As promised, my Universal Studio Singapore adventure story. My #ootd for the day was a simple circle skirt from Bugis Street (my best purchase from this trip), bird print peplum top which I tucked in is from Brand Outlet, sandal from Vincci.

We learnt from our Day 2 mistake and woke up earlier to avoid the crowd at Immigration but it was Saturday and we stuck at jam on the connecting bridge to Woodland. We met up with a friend from Singapore and he brought us around. It was much easier because he know the way around and we didn't need to go to tourist pick up point. We took the MRT directly to Vivo City instead.

I kinda miss my fair skin T_T I'm quite tan after my Phuket trip now
But the bf is even more tanner than me hahahhaha

With Oscar the Grouch, we queued for this because the line was not too long

A quick lunch before we hit the rides

During my last visit, I didn't get to go on any extreme rides and this time I determined to go on all the rides at least once. Good thing the bf is as adventurous as me. We started off with Transformer 3D Ride and personally it's my favorite rides among all. Next we moved on to Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cylon (the red one). The Red Ride was exciting and really crazy but the Blue Ride the craziest of all for me. Having your feet dangling on the air and going through the helix loop, overturned 360 degree really got me. I closed my eyes for the whole Blue Ride. But it really got my adrenaline up. I heard that the Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cylon is closed since July for some technical review. So glad that I did not back out during the line and tried the ride at least once. By the way, I went in June. Hehehehe this post is really back dated.

Next ride, Revenge of The Mummy Ride. The waiting line for this one every rides were crazy. We lined up for almost an hour in average for ride. My advice if you're planning to go to USS, better buy the express ticket. It really will save lotsss of your time. Because the waiting line was too long, we missed Madagascar Splash Ride but I did went on the ride last year.

In the Land Far Far Away

Sorry for the stick figure pose. I always feel awkward when asked to pose alone for picture

This time I managed to catch the Hollywood Parade. No photos because I was busy smiling and waving to the characters. I said this before but I'm going to say it again, USS is really a happy place. The staffs and performers are friendly, the place is beautiful and it will make you smile all the time (check out my photos, it is all wide grin with exposed teeth) and squint too because of the scorching sun.

I think one day is not enough to explore USS, I went twice to completely explore the place and rides and still I miss the firework because we need to go back early to avoid Immigration crowds but failed. At this point, I'm quite used to the queue and crowd.

I think I really have a thing for theme park because it makes me so happy. Disneyland will be next on my list *finger cross next year maybe*

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