Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tony Resort, Phuket

This entry is a month late but better late than never. I went to Phuket with the bf and friends last July. Our flight was on the evening and it was a short and pleasant flight. Upon reaching the island, I was a bit skeptical because all that I saw from the plane are green scenery everywhere. I was like "Hmmm, that's look calming and relaxing but finger cross it is more than just green scenery" I still need the malls and beaches. 

We opted to stay at Patong area since it is the most happening area with all the bars/clubs and beaches. The taxi (jeep) ride from the airport to Patong took almost an hour and was a painful ride. The driver took shortcut through villages and the roads are narrow and curvy. I love how convenience it is in Thailand bcause 7-Eleven and Family Mart are everywhere. I think we passed more than 5 such stores along the ride.

Our hotel, Tony Resort

Can you imagine my feeling when I saw the hotel sign on the road? My heart crushed and prayed hard that it is not some dodgy hotel on the roadside. Truth is we kinda randomly picked this hotel from Agoda one night because it was within our price range and the pictures on the site looked quite tempting. 

We were greeted by this sight when our taxi turned into the narrow path in the first picture. Still looked a bit dodgy due to the peeling paint. But we're just glad that we finally reached our hotel as it was getting dark. Checked in process was a breeze and we love the hotel. It is a gem in a hidden place. True to its name, it gives us the resort vibes and totally put us in good mood.

The concept of the lobby is open air and equipped with a pc and internet access for the hotel guests. We often lounge at the lobby to get the wifi. Internet suckers, I know. 

Feels very homey, ain't it?

Behind the signboard is actually the kids pool which was the view from our balcony on the second floor

View from our balcony during rainy day

Me trying to get connected to the outside world

The wifi signal was too weak inside the room, thus resulting in me sitting on the floor unlady-like. Can you spot my dolphin tattoo?

Hotel restaurant
Can't comment on their food as our rooms were without breakfast and we never dine there.

Balcony on the ground floor which have direct access to the adult swimming pool

Hallway to our room

View from the hallway

We swam everyday there.
It felt so good to jump into the pool after walking under the hot sun and to wash away the salt water from sea.

But sometimes I'm too lazy to get into the water, I just laze on the lounge chair and watched the bf swam

If I ever come back to Phuket again, I'll definitely stay here. Clean room, big swimming pool, wifi access and friendly staffs, it all matters to make your vacation a happy and memorable one.

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