Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All kind of food in one short weekend

I was going to KL for a short seminar last Monday. Knowing me, you guys should know that I would choose the earliest flight to KL to spend the weekend there. But since it was during the end of school holiday, most flights were fully booked which resulted me transiting in Kuching for one night. However, I don't mind at all. I miss my Kuching friends and it was the perfect time for catching up over simple dinner.

My flight was on Friday evening and I was rushing from work to get to airport. Only managed to grab chicken sandwich at the airport for dinner. Since Sibu airport was under construction, it was rather messy and confusing for me to find the boarding hall by following the arrows.

A loner dinner

My must meet people in Kuching, Angie and Vero fetched me and we went to RJ Ayam Penyet for dinner with the rest of the gang. Had roasted Ayam Penyet with the most delicious sambal but I couldn't finish mine.

These day I found myself keep craving for all sorts of food and I feel like I want to snack all the time. It must be sign for the time of the month, that's why I carried snacks like chocolates in my bag everywhere I go.

Sneak peek into my bag. By the way, I super love my bag organizer that I got from Watson.

I'm never a morning person that why I try my best to avoid morning flight at all cost but this time, I had no escape. Had to take the 7.30 am flight from Kuching to KL which resulted me waking up at 5.30 but it all worth it in the end :) so I'm not complaining.

My English breakfast at Old Town 

Chee Cheong fun

Finally, I got my bubble milk tea craving solved since Taro Milk Tea still unavailable at this time

Dinner at Nando's on Monday night

Ordered a 1/4 grilled chicken with lemon and herb flavor paired with potato salad and coleslaw as sidelines

Not so brave because we didn't order the peri-peri chicken flavor 

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